RIM Architects | Tsaina Lodge

Tsaina Lodge

Valdez, AK
Architect of Record
Client :
Jeff & Ingrid Fraser
Total SF :

Deeply sentimental of the Tsaina Lodge history, the new owners made the carefully considered decision to expand the lodge experience and provide a safe, enjoyable place for heli-skiiers worldwide to come and enjoy a week (or two) at a new, 18,400 SF, 24-room, 32-guest ski lodge, with full service fine dining, and a recreated bar utilizing recycled materials from the old lodge itself, memorabilia included.

Building on the idea of recycling and maintaining an environmentally considerate operation, the existing cabins and yurts on site will house support staff that will work to maintain the eco-friendly site and lodge upkeep and will provide recycling service for visitors and dining amenities. Additional eco-friendly amenities include a master plan that includes landscaping focused on reclaiming and maintaining lost foliage incurred by the new lodge structure, ensuring visitors and locals alike will be able to enjoy the rustic, yet pristine site for many decades to come.