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Spring Park Villa Resort

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Spring Park International Co., Ltd.
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The Spring Park Villa Resort was originally designed for a site in Jiaosi, Taiwan that subsequently became unavailable. The Owner sought an alternate site for this quaint villa-style luxury resort, which celebrates a newly recognized aborigine tribe that settled in this region centuries ago. This 90-unit resort hotel and spa features natural hot springs and therapeutic baths, aromatherapy and massage services as well as first class restaurants and a conference center.

The area’s rich culture and history is the backdrop of an exciting blend of natural materials and historic Taiwanese forms. The healthy lifestyles of the Ylan people and the site’s mountainous terrain influenced various aspects of the design through interpretive walking paths, landscaping and water features.

The layout of the grounds incorporates a main building with the joint amenities such as high-end restaurants, conference center and hotel rooms. The villas on the property provide luxury accommodations including ultimate privacy through private swimming pools, outdoor spa and showers, luxurious interiors and exotic indigenous landscaping. The villas are accessible through leisurely walking through the landscaped grounds or zipped along in a chauffeured golf cart. This resort is designed for anyone who wants to escape to a place where they can be pampered in luxury while enjoying the beauty of natural surroundings.

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