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Mera Vino Wine Boutique + Lounge

Livermore, CA
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Karaminder Ghuman
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Mera Vino Wine Boutique & Lounge….beauty, exquisite, service. These are the three adjectives our Client expressed when describing to us his design vision for the wine boutique and lounge, located in a remote district in Livermore, California His desire was to provide his clientele a “white-glove” level of service and appreciation for a rapidly growing wine industry.

The shell space was originally designed for a single level tenant, although the volume and height was generous. Despite complications with existing large ducts, conduits and utility piping cutting transversely through the space to feed adjacent tenants, we saw the opportunity to provide our Client a layout that would respond to his functional needs by stacking and innerpenetrating spaces, taking full advantage of the footprint he was given.

Our design solution incorporates a wine retail area upon entry, offering clear views into a transparent wine vault that features the ultimate varietals in an unpretentious manner. It is here that a visitor may peruse the diverse selection of wines from all around the world. Our Client refers to this as his own personal wine library! From here guests can move up to the intimate lounge space via floating stair treads which are divided by LED illuminated risers. This not only allowed us to express a layering effect to an otherwise boxy floor plate, but it also allowed us to further juxtapose the quality of fabrics, furniture and finishes which helped augment and unify the space while creating an intimate and casual gathering space for guests. The development of the lounge “mezzanine” was a unique approach to this type of retail space – adding to its beauty. Additionally, within the 2,000 sf space, incorporated functions also include a tempered wine storage warehouse, a full commercial kitchen for preparation of cuisine, tapas style to pair with the delicious selection of wines.

Mera Vino’s interior finishes incorporate recycled content for the majority of the basic construction materials – gypsum board, insulation and metals. Additionally, as lighting is a critical element in retail display as well as in the creation of ambiance in a lounge setting, careful selection of fixtures were considered that increased lamp life, thus reducing waste stream effect. Lighting at the stair treads and stone wall grazing was accomplished implementing LED lighting as well as within all internal casework and wall displays. “Back-of-house” lighting utilized low-mercury fluorescent lamps and solotube skylights were introduced at the office space and kitchen to provide naturally illuminated spaces requiring no artificial lighting during the day – an energy-saving perk to our design.

The service aspect was addressed thru interior fixture design and furnishings. The Client is an active participant of the service aspect, informing and educating clientele of the sustainable aspects of viticulture and their relation and impact on the environment. By providing interactive fixture designs and comfortable furnishings, the customer is apt to listen, be informed and enjoy the educational aspects of the wine industry while partaking in the tantalizing flavors and culinary delights in an alluring and comfortable setting.