RIM Architects | Lang Fang Golf Resort Community

Lang Fang Golf Resort Community

Role :
Design Architect
Client :
Belt Collins Hawai`i
Total SF :
38,595 (Large Clubhouse); 4,262 (Small Villas); 4,768 (Large Villas)

Lang fang Wanzhuang Recreational and Ecological Park is a 54-hole golf club resort and residential community approximately 50 kilometers southeast of Beijing. The Phase One project components RIM has been contracted to provide schematic design include the Central Clubhouse, the Golf Academy/Driving Range Clubhouse, single family residences and the Artist Colony.

The picturesque traditional design and massing of the Central Clubhouse, with deep porches below and gables above, will provide an iconic image for the course and will make a suitable backdrop for an outstanding golf experience.   Refined exterior detailing of stone, stucco, and wood with custom designed columns and lattice-work combines traditional western architectural themes with modern interpretations of Chinese architectural motifs.

The Golf Academy/Driving Range Clubhouse utilizes a modern architectural motif, functional in form. The clubhouse opens up to natural daylight through slit-windows and wood lattices. Bold concrete forms on the first floor anchor the building to the ground, forming a cradle for the second floor.

The Smaller Villa is organized around a central axis with semi-open planning to facilitate the distribution of daylighting and air movement, as well as provide an internally efficient plan that minimizes non-usable space. Common rooms and entertainment spaces are delegated to the ground floor with the private realm of the family on the upper floor.

As befitting a residence of 10,000m2 or greater, the Large Villa design has a spacious entry foyer with long linear views through the formal living and dining rooms, and a centrally located grand staircase to the upper floor. A large media/entertainment room, indoor pool, expansive kitchen, butler pantries, walk-in closets, personal baths for all bedrooms, and a guest and live-in service wing all help create a large but comfortable high-end residential experience.

The Modern Artist’s Studios draw inspiration from traditional Chinese lanterns glowing at night to become patterned beacons in the landscape. Materials are primarily stone, concrete, wood and glass creating a local aesthetic and unified design.