RIM Architects | JP Superstore

JP Superstore

Tumon, GU
Role :
Client :
City hill Co., Ltd.

RIM Architects redesigned the exterior façade of the existing Tumon complex creating a contemporary, tropical retail experience that consolidate the various building façades of the facility. Design inspiration came from a “Nipa Hut”, an indigenous house in Asia, which has similar traditional architectural features historically found in Guam and its neighboring islands. These huts are replicated in modern form using materials that can withstand Guam’s extreme climate conditions.

The hipped roof structure is slightly pitched with added horizontal profiles. Adjacent to this are aluminum trellis that act as shade built into the column structure. The front façade has a canopy with aluminum trellis over a clear polycarbonate roof. A new tower was designed as the new focal point of the shopping center, replacing the “cave-like orange rock”, reinventing JP Superstore’s store image into a more sophisticated figure.

RIM developed the site by establishing a central Plaza. A terraced planter area replaced the existing pond adjacent to the new tower. The site is enhanced by tropical plants to create a relaxing and refreshing outdoor area.