RIM Architects | Diamond Head Self Storage

Diamond Head Self Storage

Honolulu, HI
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REIT Management
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Due to a shortage of storage facilities in Hawai`i, Diamond Head Self Storage was developed in the Mapunapuna area. This facility reclaimed a previously developed site which had sunk significantly below sea level. In an effort to provide a sustainable design, RIM Architects created a building which uses the footprint of the existing building. The design also restores saltwater tolerant landscaping to a barren industrial area that experiences daily flooding with high tide. In an effort to meet the market demand for temperature and humidity controlled storage, the design also incorporates extensive, highly efficient interior systems controls to minimize energy consumption.

RIM provided a modern design incorporating insulated metal cladding to provide a distinctive look to the storage facility, an extrinsic representation celebrating the source of supply to the Hawaiian islands, the container ship, instead of just a plain box.