RIM Architects | Alaska State Fair Intermodal

Alaska State Fair Intermodal

Anchorage, AK
Role :
Client :
Alaska Railroad Corporation, Alaska State Fair, Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities
Award :
American Institue of Architects, AK Chapter: 2007 Citation Award of Design Excellence

The passenger shelter of this intermodal facility architecturally responds as the primary component to a year-round facility. The overall project includes an electronic screen entrance sign for the Fairgrounds, a ticket booth, and restroom facilities. Open-air, heavy timber framing of the shelter suggests precedent of historic train stations that existed throughout early and mid-20th Century Alaska. This precedent is modernized through the strong relationship of expressive forms and contextual material choices. A hierarchy in scale of framing and connector materials invites patrons to examine and appreciate the details of this expressive statement in wood and metal, whether arriving by train, waiting trainside, or experiencing the structure from the highway.