RIM Architects | Firm

About Us

RIM Architects is a design firm providing excellence in comprehensive architectural, interior, and planning services for over 30 years. The firm’s philosophy bring Results with IMagination to every project–translating client operations, functional goals and objectives into sustainable, creative design solutions. Today, RIM is recognized for its diversity in regional design expertise and has 70 staff strategically located in Anchorage, Alaska; San Francisco and Tustin, California; Hagatña, Guam; and Honolulu, Hawaii. RIM is organized to support our clients from pre-design strategy through project implementation and occupancy.


Our Philosophy

At RIM Architects, our philosophy enables “Results with IMagination” to enhance quality of life through good design, functionality, and a sense of vitality in work performed for our communities. Our collaborative strengths in processes, blended with talents in design, sustainability and attention to detail result in outstanding project delivery and client satisfaction. Our philosophy involves a deep commitment to and respect of the client and the project, and the development of an architectural response that is aesthetically interesting and unique, functionally appropriate and technically enduring in our community and climate. Together, RIM leadership and staff offer diversity in design, management, and relationship-building to best serve a client’s needs.

Our framework for success lies in carefully balancing three distinctive characteristics within the practice of Architecture: Creative Design, Effective Project Management and Technical Excellence.  Our unique ability to consistently and successfully balance these principles allows us to achieve outstanding results in the design and delivery of our projects.  Creative Design seeks to move the soul, enhancing the quality of life for all who experience it.  Effective Project Management involves communication with our clients and leadership of our design team members to ensure that the important issues of budget, schedule and quality control are managed so that creative design can be achieved.  Technical Excellence involves continuous education in evolving design and construction technologies that we then test against the realities of our clients’ goals and objectives, the environment and our deep-seated value for Results with IMagination.

RIM Architects is an inspired group committed to architecture and design that exceeds the expectations of our clients through service, ethics, and Results with IMagination.